A Walking Tour of Jerusalem Featuring... Me

It's been a while since I posted, but I am working on several posts.  I think the problem with the blog format for me is that several of my posts can often tend to be like small books, so they take a while to complete and they don't really fit the usual pattern for a blog.  For instance, one of my posts has been in the making for almost three years now.  It's not ideal, but I'm going to stick with the blog format for now, and just hope I find time to complete some of my more involved posts so I can finally share them on here.

The reason I decided to post today is that a Welsh believer I met in Israel last year who attended the Shema Yisrael Shavuot tour with me, messaged me and told me about this interesting video someone had filmed in Yerushalayim's Old City.  It is a three hour walking tour, and is probably one of the nicest and definitely one of the most comprehensive video tours I've seen of that wonderful Old City.  First, let me share the tour with you here from its beginning.  Again, it's just over three hours long, but every minute is worth the watch.

And how for the part that really caught my eye.  It turns out, I'm actually in this video.  I've mentioned on here before that I go for the three Chagim (Festivals) in Yerushalayim.  It seems this video was filmed either during one of those Chagim or a short time before or after one of them.  It seems to have been filmed in the evening around sunset, as someone caught me leaving at the Western Wall as I was saying my evening prayer, right at the 2 hour, 25 minute, and 2 second mark.

Here's a link to the portion with me in it.  I'm right at the right edge walking up, so I am just seen for a second or two, but it's definitely me.  And here's a screen capture, just in case it wasn't clear which of the worshipers there that day was me.

I have to say, this video made me really miss the Old City, and I can't wait to see it again during Pesach (Passover)!  I am attending the Shema Yisrael Pesach 2017 tour this time around,  and we're going to be visiting so many interesting sites: the ruins of Sodom and Yeracho (Jericho), the Tomb of Abraham, Sarah, Yitshaq (Isaac), Rivkah (Rebecca), Yaakov (Jacob), and Leah in Hebron, and I get to witness the Samaritan Passover close up on Mt. Gerizim.  It is sure to be an exciting trip.  I plan to share lots of pictures of that trip, as well as some great pictures from the last one.  For those who would like to join, it's not too late.  Check the link and see if it's something you'd be interested in doing.

Sundown is approaching, and it's time to shut things down so I can rest on Elohim's great day!  Shabbat Shalom to all!

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