Do Not Be Terrified...

Some prophecies tell us about some very interesting celestial events which will happen in the future. Back when the so-called "blood moon" lunar eclipses occurred, I pointed out in this blog post that the events described by Yeshua (Jesus) and the Nabi'im (Prophets) are not the usual eclipses and meteor showers that we are used to, but incredible events that otherwise would be physically impossible given the known workings of our solar system. This solar eclipse, like the lunar eclipses I talked about then, seems to be among the common celestial signs that have occurred since the formation of our solar system, not the spectacular ones we are told to expect by the written servants of YHWH.

I haven't heard a lot of the usual "omen" talk around today's North American eclipse, but it seems inevitable given the activity around just about every celestial event in the recent past that today's event already has been interpreted as something more significant by some very vocal people.  This would inevitably lead to disappointment when emotional investments are made on a very imminent outcome that doesn't come to pass in the time that those playing that stock market were hoping for. The fear of these events is often what allows false prophets to flourish.  Some of these will be well meaning but clearly mistaken people, while others will have a more dubious agenda.  The point here is that the litmus test cannot be sincerity, because both of these groups are misleading their flocks.  The latter dubious group often stays in the limelight just long enough to make a decent buck from the venture, after which they can disappear and leave behind a mess of smashed hopes, but ultimately both of these types are leaving behind smashed hopes.   In other words, the litmus test is not the sincerity of the claimant, but the correct application of Scripture.  If you are armed with what the Scriptures actually say and hold all such claims strictly to its testimony, you will be immune to such attempts.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with enjoying these events for what they actually are: marvelous reminders of Elohim's creative hand in this very clockwork environment that He has fashioned for us. Enjoy the eclipse by all means, but be very careful not to read too much into it.  Not every event is related to prophecy or sin or punishment.  As Yeshua said:
"... [Elohim] makes His sun rise on the wicked and on the good..." (Mattityahu / Matthew 5:45:)
I think it's safe to say that Elohim also makes his sun go dark on the wicked and the good.  If we're going to interpret beyond this, we must remember what he also promised about prophecies of this sort:
"For the Master YHWH does no matter unless He reveals His secret to His servants the nabi'im (prophets)." (Amos / Amos 3:7)
We all know that Elohim has promised to do some mighty things, but let's let Him be the one doing the promising.  It's wise to be on our guard and watch for signs of events He has stated which will occur or which He will bring about, yes, but it is unwise to interpret every celestial event as a portent to disaster, judgement, or even reward.

For those of you not in a location to see the total eclipse, or even a partial eclipse, NASA has some options for experiencing it online.  Check them out!

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